Part I Listening Comprehension (20 minutes)
Section A
A) Studying Chinese civilization.
B) Spending his cet4v.com.
C) Visiting the Great Wall and the Summer Palace.
D) Teaching English.

A) Keep up with the times.
B) Spend her time on the important things.
C) Slow down the pace of her life.
D) Pay attention to her health.

A) An old lady got lost when picking mushrooms.
B) People who commit cruel acts will be sent to prison.
C) Some cruel people beat a dog badly.
D) An old lady found her lost dog in the woods.

A) He is novelist.
B) He writes instruction books for terrorists.
C) He is full of crazy ideas.
D) He planned a suicide attack with a Boeing 747.

A) Respectful.
B) Contemptuous.
C) Liberal.
D) Friendly.

A) It’s interesting work.
B) It’s dirty work.
C) It’s unpleasant work.
D) It’s cet4v.com.

A) He never gets angry.
B) He tries to release some anger before it explodes.
C) He is incapable of controlling his anger.
D) He prevents himself from showing anger.

A) The man is unwilling to confess his sins.
B) The man used to smoke cigarettes while writing.
C) The man thinks smoking is an awful habit.
D) The man’s wife allows him to drink alcohol but not to smoke.

A) He isn’t satisfied with his progress.
B) He wants to move up more quickly than he’s presently doing.
C) He has advanced quickly enough in his career.
D) He feels frustrated as he moves up the ladder.

A) He is nearing retirement age.
B) He wants to pursue politics as a career.
C) He is going to quit politics to take better care of his family.
D) He is tired with politics.

Section B
I am one of luck ones. I was nowhere near danger, although chaos was all around me. I lost no one dear to me in either attack. Like so many Americans, after a never-wracking day of calling and e-mailing, I discovered that, despite some close calls, all family and friends in New York were safe.

Yet despite our suffering, it (S1) little to that of the many innocent victims who were killed, and to the pain that their families are experiencing. Those in the buildings at the time of the attack were killed not because of who they were, but because of where they were---in offices in two of the most recognizable (S2) of American power. Those aboard the doomed planes became both terror victims and (S3) of terror. Courageous (S4) workers who saved countless lives by fighting fires and the chaos of the moment lost their lives. And our (S5) lost in the (S6) of Pearl Harbor but seemingly regained again in the post-war (S7) ,has been lost again. (S8)

.I will feel pride in the heroism of New York’s citizens. I will think of the bravery with which this whole nation comforted each other.(S9). I will remember always the humanity of the moment. (S10)
I will not let them make me live in fear. I will not let them win.

Section B:

(S1) compares (S2) symbols (S3) instruments

(S4) emergency (S5) innocence (S6) ashes (S7) era

(S8) This tragic day, however, reminds me of the beauty and the goodness of human nature, rather than its dark side.

(S9) I will remember the outpouring of support from the global community, and the condemnation of these acts from around the globe.

(S10) I will endeavor to understand such acts, and to help others cope with them. I will not let them ---whoever they are---dictate my life.

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