College English Model Test Three
—Band Four—
Part ⅠWriting(30 minutes)
Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a letter to your American friend Lawrence, to introduce Spring Festival in China and invite him to join you to spend this Spring Festival. Suppose you are Yuan Chao. You should write at least 120 words following the suggestions given below in Chinese:
1. 表达你对Lawrence的想念之情;
2. 介绍中国的春节;
3. 邀请Lawrence和你们一起过春节。

A Letter to Lawrence
September 23, 2005
Dear Lawrence,

It has been five years since we met each other last time. How time flies! How are things with you? The happy time we spent together is always on my mind and I really hope to cet4v.com. As you know, Spring Festival, Lunar New Year, is the most favorable holiday for us Chinese. With its colorful and rich traditions, it is celebrated almost in every part of China. Everyone is indulged in the dominant atmosphere of joyous family reunion and with the fresh and vigorous look people greet the New Year.

The celebrations vary from place to place, but there are three traditions that have never differed throughout the country. First, the New Year’s Eve dinner is a symbol of family reunion, with all family members sitting around the steaming table, tasting a variety of delicious food and wishing each other health, success and happiness. Second, people, during the holidays, will visit each other to express their best regards and wishes. And finally, we can enjoy the marvelous lion and dragon dances symbolizing happiness, good fortune and prosperity.

The day is drawing nearer, my families and I sincerely invite you to join us for this year’s Spring Festival. If you’d like to, we can make further arrangements. Looking forward to your reply!
Yuan Chao

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