College English Model Test one
—Band Four—

Part ⅠWriting(30 minutes)
Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic: AidEducation in China. You should write at least 120 words following the cet4v.com Chinese below:

1. 每年,高校许多大学生受到鼓舞去贫困地区支教。
2. 支教活动的意义。
3. 我的看法。
Aid--Education in China
Part ⅠWriting

AidEducation in China

Each year, college students, encouraged to aid students in the poverty—stricken areas, volunteer themselves in poor villages for a year and try to improve education in poor areas.
Aid—education has been beneficial in two aspects. On the one hand, college volunteers are really devoted to the cause. They have opened the eyes of students in underdeveloped regions to the outside world by bringing them new knowledge and thoughts. As a result, they are extremely well—received by the children there. On the other hand, college students have received a rigorous training by adapting to the harsh living conditions. They are enjoying the appreciation and no—distance friendship from the children. What’s more, they are greatly inspired cet4v.com tireless spirit of the children.
In my opinion, China’s educational development can’t be isolated from each individual and we college students should take the lead in response to the appeal for offering aid to children in poor areas.

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