2016.6.18 CET4选词填空真题及答案 (26-35)

Section A

Directions: In this section, there is a passage with ten blanks. You are required to select one word for each blank from a list of choices given in a word bank following the passage. Read the passage through carefully before making your choices. Each choice in the bank is identified by a letter. Please mark the corresponding letter for each item on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. You may not use any of the words in the bank more than once.

Physical activity does the body good, and there’s growing evidence that it helps the brain too. Researchers in the Netherlands report that children who get more exercise, whether at school or on their own, __26__to have higher GPAs and better scores on standardized tests. In a __27__ of 14 studies that looked at physical activity and academic__28__, investigators found that the more children moved, the better their grades were in school, __29__ in the basic subjects of math, English and reading.
The data will certainly fuel the ongoing debate over whether physical education classes should be cut as schools struggle to __30__ on smaller budgets. The arguments against physical education have included concerns that gym time may be taking away from study time. With standardized test scores in the U.S. __31__ in recent years, some administrators believe students need to spend more time in the classroom instead of on the playground. But as these findings show, exercise and academics may not be __32__ exclusive. Physical activity can improve blood __33__ to the brain, fueling memory, attention and creativity, which are __34__ to learning. And exercise releases hormones that can improve __35__ and relieve stress, which can also help learning. So while it may seem as if kids are just exercising their bodies when they’re running around, they may actually be exercising their brains as well.


26. (O) tend
27. (M) review
28. (L) performance
29. (K) particularly
30. (N) survive
31. (E) dropping
32. (J) mutually
33. (H) flow
34. (F) essential
35. (I) mood

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