1. 一次性用品曾广为使用
2. 由此带来的问题
3. 限制使用一次性用品的意义

Limiting the Use of Disposable Products / Goods

Disposable goods were once provided in hotels, restaurants, markets or other public places, which can be called “an era of deposable goods”. Look into your life, how many deposable goods have you been using daily? Countless! Plastic bags were one of the disposable products without which we couldn’t survive.
However, disposable products bring serious pollution, massive waste of resources, as well as big damage to people’s health. Millions of square meters of forest are cut down yearly and thrown away as disposable chopsticks. Tons of trash is produced daily with disposable products. And to make things worse, many disposable goods can cause serious health problems for people.
Fortunately, the government has realized the problems and taken practical measures to limit the use of disposable goods, which can be of benefit to the good health of people and more friendly to the environment.

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